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Exclusive Unpublished Collectable Bernard of Hollywood Stamped Photographs for Purchase.
Marilyn: Intimate Exposures is a lavishly illustrated volume celebrating Marilyn’s enduring beauty through photographs by my father, the legendary Bernard of Hollywood and commemorates the 50 years since her passing. It includes forewords by Lindsay Lohan and the late Jane Russell.

I am proud of my book. It documents the personal observation of the osmosis between a photographer and his subject and the metamorphosis between Norma Jean and Marilyn. It reflects an accurate understanding of the dreams and demise of one of our greatest icons. The book consists of 125 photos by my father, Bruno Bernard, professionally known as the legendary Bernard of Hollywood. It features 40 unpublished images, as well as never-before-seen ephemera and rare evidence denouncing the conspiracy theories surrounding Marilyn's death. I trust through my narrative, the book will give rare insights into the mythology of Marilyn, through my father's handwritten notes, letters and journal entries from when he first discovered Norma Jean in 1946 to when he took his famous "Marilyn in White" flying skirt series over the subway grate in 1954. It gives the reader a glimpse into the private files of a renowned photographer who poured out his soul to set the record straight and defend those who were no longer here to defend themselves.


• Forewords by Lindsay Lohan and Jane Russell
• Narrative by Susan Bernard
• Hundreds of iconic photos and ephemera
• Over 40 never before published photographs
• 208 pages, hardback, 10” x 12”
• And a frameable print!
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